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Our Commitment to Real Economic Development

Our goal is to energize and promote the economic environment of the unique town of Saguache Colorado and surrounding areas by endeavoring to resurrect and preserve the valuable historic nature of the community and encourage reasonable growth activity to enhance the opportunity for Saguache residents and visitors to benefit from all the amenities of a healthy business community.

Outreach is a vital component in the effort to accomplish this goal. Several steps can be taken to make our community a very real consideration for light manufacturing or service industries looking to expand their position in our nation's massive free market economy. More jobs translates into more people with money to spend. The residual effect is self-supporting, steady and measured growth resulting in a more attractive community to visitors.
Saguache has been losing population for several years and Saguache County school districts have lost significant enrollment. Many properties as a result are simply uninhabited. The reasons for economic decline must first be identified before the problem can be addressed. The economic environment has been changing for decades and our focus on development must change with the times.
We can no longer depend on agriculture to drive the economy by itself. There are only a fraction of the farm and ranch families that there were only 20 years ago due to large corporate expansion in the agriculture industry.

Tourism is definitely an industry we should pursue with intensity but certainly not the only way to address the need for economic expansion and the revitalization of Saguache and the surrounding area.

* Reach Out to Job Providers *
1.) Establish a database to target market our community as a potential destination for expansion by highliting all the reasons our community would be a good choice.

Reasons to Consider Saguache and the Surrounding Area

> Low rent
Low tax incentives
> Reasonable, below market real estate prices
> Below average start-up and maintenance expense
> An eager and available work force
> A strong willingness to address the need for younger families residing in and around Saguache
> Traditional farming and ranching community with traditional values
> Saguache is the county seat and center of government operations
> Our community businesses are not being choked by excessive regulation and unreasonable zoning
> Reasonable wage requirements
> Quiet small town environment
> Free flowing freight in and out of Saguache
> Abundant recreation opportunities and sportsman activities
> Colorado scenic splendor at it's best
> Colorado's best kept secret for business opportunity

2.)Properly maintain the web site and related links to enhance and bring attention to all the natural amenities
our area has to offer.

3.) Exercise disciplined follow up on all targeted contacts to insure connection to the best prospects.


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