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Hollyhock Festival Committee
Becky Williams-Chair (719) 655-0155 Hillary Conroy
Carita Ginn Faith O'Reilly
Sarah Krantz

Art Festival Committee
Byron Williams-Chair (719) 655-0155 Adrienne Gabrini
Alex di Carli Kelsey Hauck
Rif Fenton Marilyn Fenton
Judith Page

Fall Festival & Quilt Show Committee
Carita Ginn-Chair (719) 655-2824 Rita Bennett
Hillary Conroy Tony Sandoval
Heather Salaz Ruth Horn

Hospitality/Membership Committee
Carita Ginn-Chair (719) 655-2824 Caroline Irwin
Carla Quintana Barbara Donohue
Ellen Cox

Gifting Program Director-Caroline Irwin (719) 850-0051

Sponsorship Coordinator-Ellen E. Cox (719) 221-6902

There are no other committees assigned at this time

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